SDL 2.0.9 + Android Studio 3.3.2: Module main depends on undefined modules: SDL2

I’m on windows 10.
I have modified the following inside my ‘android-project/app/jni/src/’:

SDL_PATH := ../../../../sdl2-2.0.9-minimal
LOCAL_SRC_FILES := ../../../../code/sdl-ll.c

Note that ‘sdl2-2.0.9-minimal’ does contain ‘src’, ‘include’ and ‘’.
Furthermore, these paths are correct (trust me!).
Despite this, I get the error ‘Module main depends on undefined modules: SDL2’.

I am unsure as to why this is happening as I have clearly pointed to the sdl source directory.
Any help would be much appreciated!

Works when I symlink SDL, leaving it in the default location outlined by the ‘’ file. I can however, reference the source file as I indicated above. Seems to be issue with SDL.