SDL 2.0 API Quick Reference

I have a friend who’s learning SDL, and I was lamenting that SDL has no good quick reference / cheatsheet. The code is well-documented, but sometimes it’s nice to get a high-level overview. The wiki offers lists of function names alphabetically, but that’s not quite good enough.

As such, I’ve created this API Quick reference based on the wiki categories:

Sadly, Github Gists introduce ugly word wrapping. Click “Raw” on the top right of the Gist page, or download the file locally and view it in a proper editor with syntax highlighting for the best experience.

Feel free to use this however you like, or share it, or use it as inspiration for an auto-generated version if you’re really that bored.

Also note that this contains functions only. Typedefs, structs, detailed info about return values, etc. have all be elided to keep it simple. This is not a substitute for reading the actual documentation or code. It’s simply meant to help users quickly find the function they need, and provides just enough context to do so.

Inspired by: raylib - cheatsheet (but better!)

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