SDL 2.0 issues : SW renderer / SDL_SetWindowFullscreen()

Hi people,

I’m using the last SDL 2.0 snapshot on W7 x64 with Nvidia driver 285.62.

I have three major issues :

  1. First, the issue reported here :

I don’t know if there is a good way to fix it except to wait for a new Nvidia driver ? (Assuming it would be fixed …)

  1. Second, when I use the function SetWindowFullscreen() with a D3D renderer from a windowed mode, it toggles the window but i got an INVALIDCALL error when I call SDL_CreateTextureFromSurface().

If I start my application in a full screen mode, no problem.

  1. Last but no least, is the SDL 2.0 supposed to be used the same way between a hardware accelerated (D3D/GL) and a software renderer ?

When I create a D3D renderer to blit ARGB8888, no problem, but if I change for a software renderer, it seems to not handle alpha channel for each blit, so all my sprites contain artefact.


Well, it seems that the SW renderer doesn’t handle alpha channel from a texture coming from a PNG.

Does someone can confirm this ? Or should I add some SDL call to enable alpha blending with a SW renderer ?

With a PNG without alpha => Blit are correct.

Well, the OpenGL issue with texture creation is fixed is the last SDL 2.0 snapshot.

I still have the software renderer problem with alpha channel.

Does anyone have encountered this problem before ?