SDL 2 Discord GameJam begins January 28, 2022

To celebrate our Discord reaching over 1,000 members. We have started a GameJam for SDL.


Entries must be created using SDL as the basis for the game/software. This means no using already created game engines that uses SDL for windowing/input. You must handle your own gameloop and render pipeline.

You are able to use single-header libraries, sdl_gfx, sdl_mixer, sdl_ttf, openal, libcurl, etc. You just can not use a pre-packaged game engine or framework.

Each entry must work or run-on Windows 7 and above.

Games must be appropriate for minors to play(No NSFW, adult content/nudity)

Keyboard and/or mouse for input(Touch screen/gamepad is allowed, but must be playable via keyboard/mouse as option)

You are able to form a team, however prizes are allocated 1 per team, not 1 per teammate.

There will be prizes and based on the votes of the Discord the Jam will be 2 weeks long!


To be decided. We will be using a random name picker on Friday January 28, 2022.

For those interested please join the GameJam via

You can also join the SDL Enthusiasts discord via SDL Enthusiasts .

Thank you all for your support and good luck to everyone!