SDL 2D-GUI ENGINE, C/C++, Multiplatform

Hi everyone,

I publish a 2D rendering engine that I developed in C (works natively in C ++) with SDL, and is cross-platform (UNIX, Linux, Windows).

The idea is simple, allow C / C ++ developers to easily create a beautiful graphical interface. Without departing from the fundamental concepts that make the strength of C.


1 - Manually or in your C / C ++ code, you “write” XML- (like) in a file,
2 - You call the engine’s “read” function,
3 - You call the engine’s “display” function

Inclusion in your C / C ++ project is simple, only one include.

In short with a little imagination, and I know you have a lot of it, you can build all the 2D interfaces you want. Messaging software encrypted by AES perhaps?

The git repository is here

And a discussion on another forum is here: