I am not getting SDL_ACTIVEEVENT events after returning from full-screen mode.

My application allows users to go to full screen and back to windowed. It starts in windowed and I get SDL_ACTIVEEVENT events just fine.
But after going to full screen and back again to windowed mode, I no longer get SDL_ACTIVEEVENT events any more. To switch between window and full screen I use SDL_SetVideoMode and pass the appropriate flags for the mode. I also tried simply toggling the surface flags and then calling SetVideoMode. I’ve tried calling SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_VIDEO) just before callign SDL_SetVideoMode on the mode change. Also tried SDL_Init(SDL_INIT_EVERYTHING)

I also tried SDL_EventState( SDL_ACTIVEEVENT, SDL_ENABLE); The thinking there is that since we were just in full screen mode that there was no need to handle avtive events and they may have been turned off. But upon going back to windowed mode SDL_EventState() reported that it was enabled.

help please?

Warren Schwader