SDL android keyboard Layout

I’m porting an app from C++/SDL to android.

It works well, but now, I try to include a custom keyboard in the app (because ibniz reacts only at certain keys)
for this I used the strategy explained here :

I succes to display the keyboard but my SDL screen and sound is gone.
I suppose that the problem is to display the keyboard I have to add in the main activity (java) :

 @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
        mCustomKeyboard= new CustomKeyboard(this,, R.xml.ibnizkbrd );


It seems to be like if


replace the SDL screen by the layout containing the keyboard.

Anybody knows
-does the SDL screen can be explicitly drawed in the layout XML file?

  • or the android layout XML cant be “background transparent”?

Any other strategies?


Isn’t it better to try to modify the app to use a standard keyboard? Then you can use SDL_StartTextInput(); and all is set.

I’m agree that it should be better but ibniz code does not make sense with only standard keys

here you can see the doc of this soft