SDL audio, DirectSound, and Win 7

Hello, SDL developers and users. I’d like to use SDL to do low-level sound output with precise timing. I’ll be filling the sound buffer by hand, and when my program says “go”, I’d like it to start playing with very low latency–this is my main requirement.

I’m on Windows, and up till now I’ve been using DirectSound. However, I’ve just switched from XP to Win7, and have read that starting with Vista, DirectSound is no longer really supported, but is sort of emulated in software.

So my question is this: given the above low-latency requirement, can I continue to use either DirectSound or SDL audio (which, in Windows, seems to be based on DirectSound) in Windows 7? Will I still get low-latency playback, like in the good old days?

Thanks a lot,
Mark Wexler