SDL[audio]:XAudio2: XAudio2Create() failed at initialization

I get this error on Windows 7, 64 Bit with Code::Blocks 13.12 and g++ (MinGW) 9.8.1.
I simply try to call:


std::cerr << "SDL init failed: " << SDL_GetError() << std::endl;

It works fine, but if I call SDL_GetError after that, I get the error. Is that only a note? Or is that something bad?

So, nobody knows?

All SDL functions that set error messages have a way to signal that an
error has occured (e.g. returning a NULL pointer or non-zero int).

So you should not be calling SDL_GetError() just to see if an error has
occurred. Call it to get more info for an error that you’ve already

If you really do want to use SDL_GetError() to detect errors, you must call
SDL_ClearError() to reset the error status before you make the calls that
might generate the errors.


Jonny D