Sdl backward compatibility

Hi to all.
In New sdl activity the classes use new api from api26.
From project. Properties or from manifest, setting target android-26 a msg tell me that I lose compatibility with old api <26.
How can I do to be compatible with old api? Example. For api >=19

I use into manifest:

and into

Project target.


I compile with Ant.
So when I compile with target 19, and old SDL it works well, but new SDL use new API26 and…

I got this error:

I am using SDL 2.0.4 and I have this in my manifest: uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion=“9” android:targetSdkVersion=“26” /

It works on almost all the Android versions. I am not sure about the newer versions of SDL though.

I’m using latest mercurial update.
Into SDL Activity there are functions from API26 to…
I got this error…

If it is really important to you to target older Android versions, and you don’t need the newest SDL features, you should try using an older version.

But I need new SDL features like controller gamepad compatibility and bug fixes