SDL bindings for Oberon family languages

Dear SDL users,

Glad to present you Simple DirectMedia Layer bindings for Oberon family languages: Modula-2 and Oberon-2 (XDS), Active Oberon (ETH Oberon, OPCL) and Component Pascal (BlackBox Component Builder). Supported SDL version 1.2.14 (stable).
Project is hosted here:

Oberon family languages are successors of Pascal/Delphi and its are powerful alternative to C-like languages (C/C++, Java, C#).

The bindings are not complete. But it is better than nothing. I’m an enthusiast of Oberon-like languages and I like SDL. But I am one in this project. It was very fine if I found here interested people who want to help me with the bindings.

I wouldn’t like to discussion “Oberons are bad, must use C#”, please do not disturb me with it.

Dear admins, please announce about this bindings on page


Dear Folks,

Glad to present you the first known to me game that is written in Component Pascal + Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL for Oberon) -

Now it is just a demo version.

The game “Samurai” is by Dennis “Rafi” Kolod’ko - (in Russian language)

Google translated to English -
Oleg N. Cher