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AntTheAlchemist wrote:

I’d very much like this function included.

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but it does it by creating a
GL_TRIANGLE, so it’s super fast?

Yes, it does use GL_TRIANGLES.

M. Gerhardy wrote:

Problems are the software renderers - until this is also implemented for
them, I don’t think it will be included. There are patches on bugzilla for
this already. And there was already a discussion about this in the past.

Bummer. Dealing with the software renderer looks more complicated. I probably
don’t want to go too deep into that. I was thinking about drawing the
triangle using SDL_DrawLines (for the software renderer only), but I’m not
sure if I could get the anti-aliasing to work.

I was working on it, but I couldn’t spend enough time to figure out
why the colors were coming out wrong (the shape was correct). If you
want to play around with it, the relevant bugzilla reports are here:

How the actual visual tests you want a few months back, I think in
July. I believe you’ll want to skip two versions at least. In the most
current I gave up on actually drawing an image for testing purposes,
and switched to just checking the numbers directly, but I haven’t
implemented useful numbers of tests yet.

The secret to developing for the software renderer is to start by
drawing to a SDL_Surface: the software renderer backend either uses
them directly, or comes very close, so most work can be done without
touching the renderer directly.> Date: Sat, 05 Dec 2015 18:25:37 +0000

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