SDL Digest, Vol 27, Issue 12

Hi, schrieb:

My second question is: are there any tutorials about SDL Audio? I can
find one (two with Marius Andra’s but it uses SDL_mixer).

What’s wrong with SDL_mixer? IMHO, it makes SDL’s audio capabilities
much more easily accessible.

As for your other question, that is a very vague question and depends
very much on how you design your application. As in many places in game
programming, there is not one way to do that, but many. My suggestion
would be that you experiment a bit, that way you will learn the most.


Thanks in advance,

Bawenang R. P. P.

Thanks for the reply. I don’t have anything against SDL_mixer, I just
wanted to know the basics before using it. Or can I use the SDL_Mixer
without knowing about SDL_audio at all?? In that case, I’ll use it right

As for the predefined animation, I just wanted to animate from my sprites
on a static background rather than flipping different backgrounds (which
has the sprites’s image attached to it) all the time. Actually, I have 2
options that I’m thinking of. First, I listed all the sprites’ status and
datas (eg. current position, current image, etc) per loop into one big
text file where I can read and implement in the application. But I think
this will be such a hassle because I will have to list maybe hundreds of
datas. The second one is I just listed the datas which can determine the
status of the sprites each frame (eg. velocity, direction, the time for
changing image, etc) into the said text file and have the application
determine the current status of the sprite. Can anyone give me some advice
for this? Or maybe there’s a better solution?

BTW, I have one more question. About the bitmap font system. I’ve looked
at Marius Andra and Lazy Foo’s tutorial on this matter. The tutorials only
explained about fonts without any background behind the string. When I
implemented the system in my application, it goes awry because behind it
there’s a huge background image. Should I treat the string as a sprite
(like saving and updating the background behind it like the sprite)? What
about an everchanging string that can be lengthened or shortened in each

Thanks again in advance,

Bawenang R. P. P.