SDL Digest, Vol 76, Issue 89

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Actually, if it’s all about the memory managers, whatever program you’re
using SDL in is going to have its own malloc anyway.? (Assuming you’re
writing from a native code language, at least.)? Why not have a
SDL_RegisterMemoryManager() function, where you pass in a set of function
pointers, for malloc, realloc, and free?

That is a good idea. Perhaps something like this:

/* Arbitrary .c file /
static void malloc_data, realloc_data, free_data;
static void
(malloc_function)( void /
Data /, size_t );
static void
(realloc_function)( void /
Data /, void, size_t );
static void (free_function)( void /
Data /, void );

void* SDL_malloc( size_t size )

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