SDL Digest, Vol 9, Issue 2

I believe that this was a fault of mine… Sorry I posted it here.

I missed some allocations that were incorrect so for some reason in
Windows it would crash on random areas, this was one area I found it
crashed on. No debugger picked up the mis-allocations so that’s why I
was led to believe the problem might be in TTF_SizeText, but the only
problem I can see is adding error protection…

ie. I had no null character at the end of my strings due to the mis-
allocation. Perhaps checking if it is there would prevent this “hanging
effect” but it was just sloppy code on my part.

Hope that clears it up.> > After I upgraded to SDL 1.2.8 the function call TTF_SizeText makes my

computer hang in windows.

Did you also upgrade to SDL_ttf 2.0.7?
Can you post a link to the font and the string that you’re sizing?

-Sam Lantinga, Software Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment

John Josef
Crazed Monkeys Inc