SDL event


Well I’m working with both SDL and Gtk. I’m doing a multiplayer for my
school, anyway, I manage events of the player with gtk, but when I run a
video (like mpeg(by using SMPEG) or divx) I can’t catch events.

Here how it currently works :

I load a mpeg with SMPEG_new
I create a thread with SDL_CreateThread()
In this thread I initialize SDL_INIT_VIDEO
Then I create the screen surface
I call SMPEG_setdisplay
And I create a event loop inside this thread.

But It doesn’t work

I tried many others solutions, (no thread, thread with
SDL_INIT_EVENTTHREAD, SDL_SetEventFilter,…) sometimes it craches my
app, sometimes I only catch one event (!!!) sometimes nothing, but both
the app and the screen are blocked.

Well if someone has an idea let me know !