SDL example program

0.8 did the trick. I could not reproduce the bug that I encountered
before using 0.7. All examples programs ran fine. I’ll let you know if I
find anything else.

Great. :slight_smile:
One of the things that the latest 0.8 version will do is warn you if
your programs are not linking with the proper version of the library.
The program may still run, but if it crashes unexplainedly, at least
you will have a hint as to what the problem is. :slight_smile:

One more thing that might be helpful… If you do want people to email
you about bugs, you might want to include in the README a brief list of
system configuration details that they should include with the bug report.
I found myself at a loss with what you might want to know about my
computer… Being a formet QA guy, I like to be specific about these
things :slight_smile:

That’s a good point.
The things I would like to know are:

  • What version of SDL you are running?
  • What hardware platform you are running?
  • x86, ppc, sparc, alpha, mips?
  • What operating system you are running?
  • Linux?
    • What version of kernel?
    • What version of window manager?
    • What version of sound driver?
    • What version of C library?
    • Does the bug happen only under fullscreen X11?
  • Windows95/98/NT?
    • What version of windows are you running?
    • Does the problem happen with both SDL-dx5.dll and SDL-dib.dll?
    • What version of DirectX are you running?
    • Do you have the latest drivers for your hardware?
    • Does the bug happen only in fullscreen modes?
  • BeOS?
    • What version of BeOS are you running?
    • Do you have a full version of Metrowerks?
  • MacOS?
    • You got it running? :wink:

Sam and David, thank you!

My pleasure. :slight_smile:

See ya!
-Sam Lantinga (slouken at–
Author of Simple DirectMedia Layer -

  • What version of BeOS are you running?
    BeOS R3.2, on Both PowerPC and Intel.
  • Do you have a full version of Metrowerks?
    Yes on both.
    I’ve been insanely busy lately and its going to let
    up a bit before it gets worse.