SDL for OpenZDK

I just wanted to let everyone here know that I’ve ported SDL 1.3 to the Zune HD (via OpenZDK)! All the info is available at the page on the Zune Dev Wiki (, and the source is available both in the download there and on our Mercurial site ( I’ve also posted a thread over at ZuneBoards (

The Zune HD is built on top of Windows CE 6.0, but runs a fully custom frontend that has its own APIs for most everything display/input related. As a result, the OpenZDK backend is completely separate from the ordinary Windows CE code, which turned out to be unbuildable anyway. The port also includes a brand new OpenGL ES 2.0 renderer that could become useful on other platforms (iPhone, Android, etc.).

Hopefully there’s at least one Zune owner here who could give this a try…

Very nice! I’ve never touched a Zune, but supporting new devices is always a good thing!

Hopefully you will continue to provide support for SDL1.3 on Zune.------------------------
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Copying to the forum/list…

Andreas Schiffler wrote:

Very cool - I am actually expecting a brand new Zune HD in the mail next week (my old Zune 4G died).

I’ve referenced your code in the XNAwiki (which I maintain):

I would also be interested to help add SDL_gfx (which I maintain as well) to your collection of ported libraries. Do you want to give it a try and let me know the the issues are? The SDL_sources are on SourceForge:

I made a quick attempt at a port of SDL_gfx, which you can download at I’ve included binaries, source, and a patch, though I haven’t actually tested any of it. Note that between rendering on the Zune’s ARM CPU and constantly uploading textures to the GPU, SDL_gfx is going to be all kinds of slow, whereas much of its functionality would be trivial to do through OpenGL. Also, the libc math functions all use software FP emulation even when VFP floating point support is turned on in the compiler, so there’s extra overhead due to that as well.

Are you planning on building anything with OpenZDK? We need all the developers we can get! If you’re interested, you’re welcome to join our IRC channel @ #zbdf on Freenode.