SDL for Windows CE tested


finally, I have the chance to test my modifications and supplements to SDL
for WinCE on a real device. I’m happy to tell you that it works on a
Jornada 720 (WinCE 3.0; SDL compiled for 2.11 resp. 3.0), so I suppose it
will work on other devices, too.

SDL_mixer does also work, but unfortunately, there seems to be the same
audio problem as with NT4: All sounds have a delay before they start
playing. Not very nice. Any suggestions? I’ll think it over, too.

One thing I noticed is the quite low graphics performance. In a rough
count, I got about 7 FPS with the testwin program and full display
updates. That’s awful, I think. I’ll look, if I can improve it somehow.
Maybe with GAPI - if I get it to work.


R. Loritz