SDL framebuffer fbcon - disable fbioput_vscreeninfo output


I am currently using SDL 1.2.14 with fbcon driver.

My problem is that when my application launches, it prints multiple lines of logging from fbioput_vscreeninfo onto the console.

Cannot support requested TV mode 720x480 32 (60,60), 1
fbioput_vscreeninfo: 720x480-32 (720x480) 00

Is there a way to disable this output?

I have managed to suppress most of the logging mentioned earlier.

By setting the environment variable SDL_FB_BROKEN_MODES it now only displays one line of logging, for the video mode being used.

fbioput_vscreeninfo 640x480-32 (640x480) 80

Although better than before, it isn’t what I am after, and I am unhappy with using debug environment variables within my application.

Can anyone provide any hints as to how I can suppress these messages from appearing? I believe they are appearing on the framebuffer when in text mode? (which is set when SDL exits).