[Sdl] gapi fixes


I’m using SDL 1.2 under the ming32ce toolchain and had some problems
getting GAPI to work (Not getting remote gdb to work properly didn’t
make things easier :wink:

I’ve attached 2 patches against HEAD of the SDL-1.2 branch with some
fixes to this eMail:
WinCe doesn’t provide getenv, but SDL already manages this so I replaced
the native getenv by SDL_getenv

fixed a typo in the header. In the source file I’m a bit puzzled how
this worked for others. SDL would have called WIN_Activate which is a
dangling pointer in case of gapi video… I fixed it to my best
knowledge. I would be happy if someone knowing more SDL internals could
review this.

I’ve still got a local modification to configure.in. But here I’d like
to have some feedback about the ‘proper’ way.
The Problem is that my toolchain btw. the --host property given to
configure is ‘arm-wince-mingw32ce’ which matches --mingw32*) leading
to a win32 configure instead of a wince configure.
The next problem is that the cegcc mingw32ce toolchain has now
officially changed the host part from
’arm-wince-mingw32ce’ to ‘arm-mingw32ce’. This also went upstream to
autoconf and gdb so we can expect the name to be definitive.
My propsal for configure.in would be to move the -wince) block before
--cygwin* | --mingw32*) and let it match
-wince | *-mingw32ce)
or even
-wince | *-mingw32ce | *-cegcc)
but I’m not sure about the latter.
Would be nice if some autoconf guru could comment on this.

One last question. In the current SVN trunk of SDL_gapivideo.c the last
commit seems to be accidentally. Could this be reverted for easy
backporting of the 1.2 changes?

Kind regards
Stefan Klug

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