SDL_GetDisplayBounds returns incorrect values

hello, my display is 1440x900 and i’ve seen SDL_GetDisplayBounds return the correct values in the past, however as of now it is returning 1024x768. nvidia X server settings app confirms the mode is 1440x900.

to hasard a guess is a bit foolish but I’d say it’s reporting the next configured X mode due an off-by-one error in the index, either SDL side or X side after resuming from sleep. xorg.conf doesn’t list any modes btw.

system: standard 12.04 LTS amd64.
gfx: NVidia GTX 550ti driver version 310.19

my bad. i switched from using a vector to using a set. since the set is unordered, SDL_VideoInit() was called with “dummy”, the “first” element in the set.

“dummy” must be hard-coded to 1024x768 since as far as i know it won’t create a window…