SDL gui for app and game

Hello there I’m so happy to use sdl it just amazing , I like it so much,however I was looking for a sample sdl gui library that will allow me to build an application and game, honestly I have not find a kind of gui library with use SDL on top level(without any external library) that will help me to build my app, so i decide to create this GUI library only covering SDL Components and will be as long as lightweight as possible and ease to use, so to do this i need great help, i have just few knowledge in programming i’m actually computer science student , i will appreciate if you help me to contribute. there is the Link of the repository , and you had probably notice that my English is not good because I’m natural french so according to this library i don’t know the really name it supposed to be called. So there is a bunch of widget that i have do

UI button
UI text
UI image
UI Ctexture

UI_CTexture it’s a widget that will contain other widget

In conclusion, you can find the repository and more information here feel free to commit:) , thanks!!!

You can take a look at my GEM library for BasicC…

Just use Dear ImGui or Nuklear.

Dear ImGui is fantastic for making in-game tools (profilers, in-engine editors, etc.) and has built-in SDL_Renderer support. It’s written in C++.

Nuklear seems less full featured, but capable of being used as an actual game UI. It also has built-in SDL_Renderer support now. Nuklear is written in C.

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Where??? I don’t see any link

Thank you so much, it’s amazing tools

Great job keeps going, it’s amazing