SDL haptic on Mac OS X

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My Logitech Force 3D and my Logitech RumblePad 2 work as Input devices, but not as haptics. (On the Logitech website it says MacOS is supported, but I could neither find a ForceFeedback-Driver, nor find any details if ForceFeedback is supported on Mac OS at all…) I already spent hours trying…

Which Joystick/Gamepad should I use for ForceFeedback / haptic on Mac OS X?

When SDL haptic was first implemented for Mac OS and Linux, which Controllers were used for testing?

Thx in advance!


Now i tried a game: Jammin’ racer

With this game, force-feedback for both my controllers works. So why does it not work in SDL? Maybe another bug?

I compiled /test/testhaptic.c and ran it. Here’s the output:

0 Haptic devices detected.
No Haptic devices found!

SDL_Init(…) returns 0 though… I double checked with another call of SDL_WasInit(SDL_INIT_HAPTIC).-----

Then i did some tests with the darwin specific SDL_syshaptic.c

It turned out that all the calls to FFIsForceFeedback(…) return 1. (I unplugged both my joysticks and get 2 outputs less - so they are definitely recognized as IO devices.) So my joysticks seem to be not supported by the MacOS X Force-Feedback Framework.

Any ideas?

I’ll get the chance to test an older Mac, and maybe also with another non-Logitech Force-Feedback-Joystick. I’ll keep you updated…

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