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I’m having trouble getting SDL based games to work with my 3Dfx drivers.
Is this the right place to get help?

Glheretic and glhexen (linux-hexen-0.99last) both give the same error.
The game splash screen and menu come up and I can select game type, level
and difficulty but when the game switches to actual play I get dumped
back to the console with this message…

Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)

This is preceded with what look like normal SDLGL driver init messages,
the last one being…

[SDLGLDrv/glmem] initializing heap-system: OTHER

I’m also having trouble with musserver. When I start the games without
using the -nomusic parameter I get dumped to the console with this message…

/usr/sbin/…/share/games/heretic/musserver: error reading mesg. pipe

I’m running RH 6.2, Mesa 3.3 (RPM) and SDL 1.1.6 (from source).
I have an Intel PIII800, 128 MB RAM. Rage Expert at work video card and an
STB 3Dfx VooDOo2 12 MB 3D accelerator.

I am able to run QuakeII and the Quake III Arena test without any
problems so I think my 3Dfx hardware and drivers are properly configured.

I’ve attached the complete console messages

Thanks, Rick Knight
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I forgot to mention, I recently downloaded the Soldier of Fortune demo
and am unable to run it in accelerated 3D. The game is unplayably slow.
I’ve also installed the SiN and Shogo demos and I can’t get the
accelerated modes to work on them either but they do play ok in 2D.

Thanks again, Rick Knight