SDL image not rendering

So I am currently creating an SDL clone of Galaga, and am trying to render the background to the screen. My main class looks like this:

//While the user hasn't quit
            while( currentState != ExitState::get() )
                //calculate delta time
                dt = (SDL_GetTicks() - pastCount) / 1000.0f;
                pastCount = SDL_GetTicks();
                //Do state event handling
                while( SDL_PollEvent( &e ) != 0 )
                    //Handle state events
                    currentState->handleEvent( e );

                    //Exit on quit
                    if( e.type == SDL_QUIT )
                        setNextState( ExitState::get() );

                //Do state logic

                //Change state if needed

                //Clear screen
                SDL_SetRenderDrawColor( gRenderer, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF, 0xFF );
                SDL_RenderClear( gRenderer );

                //Do state rendering

                //Update screen
                SDL_RenderPresent( gRenderer );

The code above is my main game loop. As you can see I am updating and rendering the background at all times, and rendering other things depending on what gamestate I am in. My background class looks like this.

class Background {
    //update the position of the stars
    void update();
    //render the stars
    void render();
    //black background
    LTexture black;
    Star s;

And my render function for the background class looks like this:

//render the stars
void Background::render() {
    //Render objects
    black.render( 0, redPos );
    //Star temp = Star(0, 0, 'r');


This is where I am experiencing an issue, I can get the black background to render to my screen just fine, But I cannot get the star to render. I initialize the star within the background class and loaded the texture to it. The s.render() call just renders the star to the screen using internal x and y pos associated with the star. What is wierd is that if I create a star within the Background::render() function and render it the code works just fine. This leads me to believe this may be some sort of c++ problem or how I am handling the global renderer. Any direction on this would be much appreciated, below I included my Star header file and render function.

class Star {
    Star(int x, int y, char color);
    //default constructor
    //update the position of the star
    void update();
    //render the star
    void render();
    LTexture starTexture;
    int xPos, yPos;
    //int xPos, yPos;
    //LTexture starTexture;

and the Star::render() function

void Star::render() {
    starTexture.render(xPos, yPos);

Where is your call to SDL_RenderCopy() for the Star? I’m not seeing anything here that would indicate that the Star is actually being rendered. What does the method look like for starTexture.render(xPos, yPos)?