SDL_Image + SDL Page


I just wanted to point out that on the SDL page it says the official SDL IRC
channel is on the server but that its now on since openprojects is gone so someome might want to change

Also im not sure if this is my error or not, but in my current project i use
SDL_Image which came with zlib.dll (yeah im in windows…win2k and Im using
mingw and msys). Well i decided i need zlib for another part of my program
so i added -lzlib into my home grown makefile and whenever i called
functions from zlib it would corrupt the stack and crash. I know this
because i had it print to a file various things as it hit different parts of
the code and whenever it called my function that uses zlib, it would make it
through the entire function to the return, then when it did the return it
would crash and not make it back to the section of code that called it. I
tried unsuccessfuly to use deflate, compress2 and gzopen (and the other gz*
functions). When i built the libz.a file from source and added that into
the makefile, it now works 100%. Just wanted to throw out a headsup to the
maintainers of SDL_Image that there might be an issue going on there with
the version of zlib that comes with it (or im a retard! :P).