SDL Job Opportunity

Software Engineer - Focus: SDL

We’re looking for a talented developer who would be interested in developing
and maintaining SDL.


  • Passionate about helping people make games
  • Able and motivated to learn quickly
  • Organized
  • Good at communicating, both with developers and with customers
  • Comfortable with game development concepts
  • Comfortable with software design and implementation concepts
  • Comfortable using and developing for multiple platforms
  • Fluent in C, with a familiarity with some other languages

We’re bringing the next generation of the widely acclaimed Simple
DirectMedia Layer to game developers everywhere, and we need talented and
motivated engineers to hone the library to a fine polish, improving
stability, performance, and usability. The position is initially for
contracting work, with the possibility of moving to a full time position.

Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to
jobs at
See ya!–
-Sam Lantinga, Founder and CEO, Galaxy Gameworks