SDL key codes for dedicated language toggle keys (i.e., on a Korean keyboard)?

Mark K Kim recently added Input Method style support to Tux Paint,
for Korean and Japanese. Right now it’s activated (toggled) using the
Right-[Alt] key, but below, he mentions wondering what the SDL keyscan values
are for dedicated keys for this found on Korean and Japanese keyboards
(e.g., a [English/Korean] key).

Anyone here happen to know? :slight_smile: Thanks!


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FYI, I’ve used Right-Alt because that’s the key that switches modes when
typing Korean on the American keyboard, but Korean keyboards have a
dedicated “Korean/English” button. Simialr is true for Japanese
keyboards. I’d like to find out the SDL codes for these buttons and
allow those keys to change the modes also, but I don’t have any Korean
or Japanese keyboards to test with.

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