SDL kills X

Sam Lantinga wrote:

The video card is a NVIDIA RIVA128, with 4 megs of mem.
I run my desktop at 1280x1024 @ 16bits (so there is not much memory
left). the plasma demo works in full screen, but when I try the mpegtv
SDL app, it switches to full screen, I seen the window appear (with ???
as title), and it crashed the X server right away.

What resolution is mpegtv running? I’d really like to get a libc5 based
binary to do some testing.

no, no, no, NO, I’ve said this a million times here and elsewhere…

SDL’s fullscreen mode uses XFree86’s DGA extension - this crashes the hell
out of the X server on RIVA128 cards. SOMETIMES you’ll get one or two
demos to work for a little while, then blammo… even the ‘dga’ test
program that comes with XFree86 can crash it.

I’ve submitted this bug report numerous times to XFree86 (ignored), and I
can duplicate it on no fewer than 5 (now 6) separate Riva128s. Affects
the PCI and AGP versions of the card. I don’t know about the 128ZX and
the TNT.On Mon, 14 Dec 1998, Tristan Savatier wrote:

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