SDL Linker Errors

When ever I try to Build->Compile a project I get an error like such
error: 1d returned 1 exit status
cannot find -lSDL2main and -lSDL2

Below is an image with all my linking for SDL2

Sorry about the mess I had it all neat but a new poster can only post one image.

Anyhow, I seem to have linked things all properly, and btw I have tried linking SDL2/lib/x64 alone, and SDL2/lib/x86 alone and even SDL2/lib alone and I still get the errors, that was just an attempt to see if linking them both alone would help.
As you can see I even have the SDL.dll and I dont get any errors about SDL.h, What am I doing wrong here?

I know the sourcecode is correct because Its just a simple window tutroial I copied the source off LazyFoo’s tuts

make sure that the lib exist in that folder if you extracted the zip file with out editing it it should be somthing like this for 32bit: