SDL_LowerBlit and SDL_COPY_NEAREST flag


I’m considering using the lower blit functions in my project, so I’ve been looking through the SDL code trying to see what upper versions actually do, and most of it is things I can handle myself, except this little block of code in SDL_UpperBlit:

/* Switch back to a fast blit if we were previously stretching */
if (src->map->info.flags & SDL_COPY_NEAREST) {
    src->map->info.flags &= ~SDL_COPY_NEAREST;

My main concern is that the flag that is being reset here is set in SDL_LowerBlitScaled(not the upper), so sticking to the lower functions, I’m guessing the flag will remain set indefinitely and I’ll loose this optimization. Now I’m not sure what impact this has and whether I should worry about this at all, but if I should, I was wondering whether there is any easy solution, like maybe moving this resetting code into SDL_LowerBlit?