SDL_memcpy method

Hey there,

i’am new to SDL. I found sample code that uses the SDL_memcpy method, but didn’t find information about this in the wiki. Can someone tell the the purpose of SDL_memcpy()? Is it equivalent to this C++ function ?

Thank you very much.

You’re correct - SDL_memcpy() is the same as calling memcpy.
If SDL is used on Windows platform, memcpy is called whenever SDL_memcpy() is called and on other platforms/OS’es, SDL_memcpy() might do something else in the background. So SDL_memcpy() exist for platform-independency.

If you check inside SDL_stdinc.h (where SDL_memcpy() is defined), you can actually find out that it’s a type-definition of the original memcpy: #define SDL_memcpy memcpy.