[SDL_mixer, mingw, devc++] possibly broken smpeg.dll from SDL_mixer-1.2.12-win32.zip


I recently needed to write some SDL under win32
got new devc++ ( )
installed ( from libsdl.org site itself )

run some tests to check if everything is ok … and
mp3 playback is broken!!!
( .ogg, .xm, .mod, .mid works with no problem )

reason is the smpeg.dll ( 204K )
( stderr says it couldn’t load smpeg.dll )

and yes, I placed ALL sdl related .dlls ( sdl.dll and so on )
in the same dir as executable that uses them!

I googled a little and found other version of smpeg.dll
and when I used smpeg.dll of smaller size ( 192K )
from there

mp3 plays ok

now I have pretty sure evidence that smpeg.dll
from SDL_mixer 1.2.12 version is probably broken
( at least for mingw/devc++ )

adam szwajnoch