SDL_mixer mod music loop

Hello, I’m porting a old game to modern systems using SDL2 and SDL2_mixer, but the game’s music are xm files. Since I started the port I (and some other players) noticed that the music looping was not working well, it has a big gap between loops. Today I decided to investigate what could be happening, and looks like the problem is that libmodplug isn’t looping the music (ModPlug_Read returns 0 when the music ends), and when the music ends Mixer plays it again (seek to 0?).

This stack overflow question is exactly about this, but it’s only working with mikmod (don’t know why), and Mixer uses libmodplug by default.

Is there any way to overpass this without having to recompile Mixer, and if not is there any plan to include that? (I mean, choosing to loop the music internally on the library)