SDL_mixer mod problems

Hey everyone, I’m running into some trouble getting my project to run
properly on Windows. The project uses SDL_mixer for sounds/mods, but I
also use some MikMod specific functions for greater control over the
mod, such as Player_Mute and Player_HandleTick. In Linux this works
fine, since these functions are included in libSDL_mixer. However, they
aren’t present in SDL_mixer.dll for Windows, so it doesn’t work. I’m
cross-compiling from Linux -> Windows. Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

  1. Adding DECLSPEC in front of the needed MikMod functions in the
    SDL_mixer code (so they get included in the dll), then cross compiling
    and copying the resulting dll file to my windows drive. The program
    then cross-compiles fine, and the functions are listed in
    SDL_mixer.dll. But when I run the program it crashes immediately (I
    think it just fails to load the dll, since no log output is generated).

  2. Using the windows version of MikMod (MikWin) dll in addition to
    SDL_mixer.dll. However, none of the MikMod functions actually do
    anything. I think because I start to play the mod with SDL_Mixer, the
    mikwin.dll isn’t connected at all to the mod that’s played.

Anybody have any suggestions? Or at least a good reason why the MikMod
functions aren’t included in the Windows dll? Thanks for all your help!