SDL_mixer not being noticed

It could be an issue with the “./configure” file someone had made for me
for Circus Linux!, but whenever this fellow tries installing it,
it can’t find SDL_mixer. He says he installed it from source (and when
he does a “locate” on SDL_mixer, all the libraries are there…
below you can see the SDL_mixer.h header is there, too)

Any idea what’s going on?



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Hi BIll

sorry to bother you once again. I understand if, enough being enough, you
drop off this (actually my) problem.

But I thouhgt I would comment this to you:

When you install SDL_mixer, it should drop the “.h” files somewhere
like “/usr/local/include/” or “/usr/local/include/SDL/”.
And there it is!!
bruno at pingus:~ > ls /usr/local/include/SDL
SDL.h SDL_endian.h SDL_keyboard.h SDL_quit.h SDL_version.h
SDL_active.h SDL_error.h SDL_keysym.h SDL_rwops.h SDL_video.h
SDL_audio.h SDL_events.h SDL_main.h SDL_syswm.h begin_code.h
SDL_byteorder.h SDL_getenv.h SDL_mixer.h SDL_thread.h close_code.h
SDL_cdrom.h SDL_image.h SDL_mouse.h SDL_timer.h
SDL_copying.h SDL_joystick.h SDL_mutex.h SDL_types.h

Wow, ok, time to talk to SDL_mixer’s maintainer (probably Sam Lantinga)
to find out why the tarball install didn’t install the “.h” files for

Once they’re installed, you should be able to do a re-"./configure"
and re-“make”/“make install” Circus Linux! and it’ll have sound.

The thing is that it doesn’t!

This is very odd…

Many thanks yet again, Bill.

Best Regards,

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