SDL need Input for an Article - is SDL really good?


This topic would be interesting for me as well, so why we shouldn’t discuss
in this forum ?
I am developing some small games for the windows plattform and think it is a

very good library with lots of advantages - for instance the possibity to
every game to Linux and so much more plattforms…really worth to take a
at it!

Jan> Please, since this is pretty much off topic and to avoid arguments

please reply to me directly mailto:bob at

I’ve started writing on article about the benefits of using SDL for game
programming. Please send me your personal experiences, and opinions, on
the value of SDL. If you tried SDL and decided that is wasn’t a good
choice, please tell me about it. I want to write a balanced, honest,
article about the value of SDL.

Many Thanks
 >           Bob Pendleton

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