SDL_net - BeOS - SV

Hi all -

For a little while now Eugenia Loli-Queru and I have gone back and forth about a little issue with SV ( and SDL_net on BeOS.
Real quickly - My primary box went down just before the release of this version of SV and so I didn’t have the opportunity to see what was happening myself - I am left with LinPPC, Windoze, Mandrake, MacOS X, 9, etc… but no Be…

Under everything else there has been no problem with SV (assumes SDL_net as well) but under Be it would seem that there are some issues - I won’t bore anyone with the detials but would ask that if anyone is running Be 5 PE or + to take a moment to grab SV, build, and look for problems starting local games - We think it is an issue with SDL_net on Be simply because we have not seen a problem under anything else - but could just be us ;o)

TY All and any,
DL Sanders–

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