SDL_Net: is errno set for winsock?

While porting SDL_Net to Windows CE – not a big deal, and I guess many of you
did it – I noticed that, for WIN32, the “standard” errno.h is included.

I read (at

"2.6.3 Error codes - errno, h_errno & WSAGetLastError()
"Error codes set by the Windows Sockets implementation are NOT made
"available via the errno variable. Additionally, for the getXbyY()
“class of functions, error codes are NOT made available via the h_errno
"variable. Instead, error codes are accessed by using the
"WSAGetLastError() API described in section 4.3.11.”
"to assign a new value to errno […] the function WSASetLastError()
“may be used”
also, EINTR should be WSAEINTR