SDL_net latency: Linux vs Windows!

I wrote a simple multiplayer game with SDL/SDL_net and I tried it on different platforms (Linux/Mac/Windows).
The funny thing is that when I run it on two Linux machines (server + 2 clients), it’s smooth, but as soon as I reboot one computer on Windows, the game is smooth during 1-2 seconds, then there is a break, then smooth, etc…

And it is really annoying, because I can’t figure out where this comes from.
I tried on two different networks, with different computers and with one or two clients. Mac is also as smooth as Linux.

My game uses TCP, in only one thread (in client and server) (I don’t need more for the moment)
For now, I don’t use socket sets, but CPU consumption is not so big on Linux.

Thanks in advance for any help
PS: Sorry for my bad english

EDIT: It even works when I start the server on the iPhone4 (using SDL_net iOS port) and run two clients on my mac!!
I really don’t understand Windows… :slight_smile: