SDL... Networking support?

  • First I read in the General FAQ that there was a
    Network support in the library section (with a chat
    example), but I could not find it… Has it been removed
    ??? I would be very glad if you could send it to me, even
    if in beta support (I’m developing the network support in
    one of my project at this time…)

I’m working on converting it to the SDL 1.0 API.
It will be on the SDL library downloads page when it’s done.

  • Second, I’d like to know if SDL is supposed to be
    faster than PTC especially in 32 bits mode… My test seems
    to show that there is a slight advantage for PTC.

SDL and PTC run at approximately the same speed when dynamically converting
images to the display format. PTC has a slight advantage in some pixel format
configurations. In general, I recommend that you convert your graphics to
the native graphics format using the SDL_DisplayFormat() call, and SDL
will be much faster. :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on a project called Dyna-K 2000,
basically a portable bomberman clone with network support,
truecolor display, blasting sound, etc…


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