SDL News (June 17, 2001)

The SDL 1.2.1 release is right around the corner, I’m just waiting
for all the binary packages to be built. Kudos to everyone who has
contributed code and new features for the release!

Everyone else has been busy too, here’s a list of what’s new on the
SDL website:

  • Joel Smith has implemented a beta set of Guile bindings to SDL.
  • Falcon’s Eye Nethack, a visually stunning graphical version of nethack,
    has been added to the games page.
  • Jetro ported his old 2D multiplayer gravitational shooter, KOPS, to SDL.
  • Peter Valchev let me know that there are OpenBSD packages for SDL,
    now available from the download page.
  • gtksdl, a generic GTk widget that provides an interface to SDL, been
    added to the libraries page. This widget is in alpha status, but the
    author requests that people try it out to help make it as robust as
  • SDL_rotozoom, a set of functions to rotate and zoom SDL surfaces, has
    been added to the libraries page.
  • ketm, a 2D space shooter by Walter Haslbeck, has been added to the
    games page.
  • Pedro Pablo contributed a Spanish version of the SDL introduction.
  • GtkTiEmu, a TI89/92/92+ emulator for Linux and Windows, has been added
    to the applications page.

-Sam Lantinga, Lead Programmer, Loki Software, Inc.