SDL-newsserver duplicates [Re: TEST (mail -> news)]

Christopher Purnell wrote:

In article , Sam Lantinga wrote:

This is a test of the mail -> news gateway.

This worked but since then I’ve been seeing two copies of emails
on the news server. One with [SDL] in the subject, one without.

… and even more, there are not just only two e-mails - they
differ in subject (one has the [SDL] up front), and considerably
in time, so that identical copies do not live side-by-side in
the newslist. This makes reading the news rather annoying as
you happen to start reading until you notice you had seen it
before, four or five postings down the list. The difference is
something between a few minutes or almost an hour - the worst
had been the “VSync”-mail being off by ten hours and eleven
entries between the duplicates. This is quite a distance to
be amusing I’d say…

– guido
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