Hi all.

I try make some sort of splash screen for my app. but I have problems
with it (I work under X).
When I run SDL_SetVideoMode(…) first time with SDL_NOFRAME and create
small splash screen then secound call of this function without this
flag (to create main app. window) don’t return title bar (and frame
decoration). The same situation is with SDL_RESIZABLE, it look like
those flags work only with first call of SDL_SetVideoMode(…) and any
laters “resize” screen don’t change those enviroments settings. Is
there any way to correct this ?

Secound problems I have with center of new created window. Dose
SDL_VIDEO_CENTERED work only for X or I can use it on others
enviroments ?
If not then what should I do to get such effect ?

Dla tych, co sie cenia… >>>