SDL not detecting official gamecube adapter


I’ve been trying to make SDL detect the gamecube controller adapter, but haven’t been successful.

I’ve written a tiny program to test the adapter. I’ve verified that this program works with other controllers (e.g. generic controllers and the Wii U pro controller). I’m using the SDL GameController API to do this. The adapter works with the dolphin emulator.

OS: Ubuntu 18
SDL version: 2.0.12 (compiled)

Has anyone been able to make the gamecube adapter work?
Are special steps required?
Does SDL support the official gamecube adapter? (I’m using the Wii U adapter)


I finally got it working.

I had to install the necessary packages. In my case, libusb-1.0-0-dev and libudev-dev. I found this information in <SDL2_REPO>/src/hidapi/README.txt.

The most important part was running ./configure --enable-hidapi.


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