SDL-Nuklear burred rendering

Hi team
I am new to SDL, so I am learning multiple libraries at the same time.
I don’t know if this is an SDL problem or a Nuklear problem.
I am attempting to test the SDL /demos from Nuclear 4.12.0 and the rendering appears grey/blurred. The text is most especially difficult to read. Using the Roboto-Regular I also have to increase the font size to 16 to get a 12pt font.
I have tried:
Removing high DPI scaling.
Different size fonts.
Read through multiple forums of similar questions.
Looked for ways to turn off any antialising.

In the Allegro5 demo the fonts and rendering is clear and crisp.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how to turn off or remove the blurring?


I think I may have worked out part of this… maybe.
nuklear_allegro5.h uses it’s own font library “allegro_font-5.2.dll” in ALLEGRO_FONT with nk_user_font.

nuklear_sdl_renderer.h is using some mix between internal stb_truetype.h and SDL instead of SDL_ttf.h.

So I think maybe it’s in the Nuklear SDL demos headers. I will have to get more up to speed with SDL to try and re-write this nuklear_sdl_renderer.h using SDL_ttf…