SDL on FreeBSD

[I’m CC’ing the SDL mailing list]

Hey everybody, the latest CVS snapshot has preliminary support for FreeBSD!
If you run it, check it out!

Well, killing threads looks like the only thing that doesn’t work,
and I have a question out on the FreeBSD Usenet group. If you have
an in with someone at FreeBSD, ask them about for me, will ya? :slight_smile:
Wish I would … i guess this will be indeed the biggest problem.
I can try to ask a friend of mine later today if perhaps on 4.0-CURRENT
(the current bleeding edge branch) the pthread_canel calls might already
have been added … (doubt it though)

That’s cool.
Hey, do you know what CD-ROM raw device files are commonly used?
i.e. /dev/scd0, /dev/sr0, /dev/hdc, … ?

Go ahead - you can find the test programs in:

Looks promising ;-)))

I just added the CD-ROM framework. It’s based on the working Linux code,
but I’m sure it needs tweaking. I don’t have read access to the CD-ROM
device, so can you test it? Use the testcdrom program to check the status
of the CD when something is in the drive, when it’s stopped, when it’s
playing, when it’s paused, when it’s empty and closed, when it’s empty
and ejected. You can use testcdrom to perform all of the above functions.
Type “./testcdrom -help” for a usage message.

This is cool. :slight_smile:

-Sam Lantinga (slouken at

Lead Programmer, Loki Entertainment Software> On Thu, 20 May 1999, Sam Lantinga wrote:

“Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature”
– Rich Kulawiec

I need to create an .so file so I can use the SDL library for the
EUPHORIA programming language ( The one
available at the EUPHORIA home page includes an .so file but it’s for Linux.

A few questions, then:

  1. how do I officially refer to an .so file? linker? shared source?
  2. how do I compile one for my FreeBSD 5.1 box?