Im trying to modify LÖVE2D (using SDL2) to prompt the user to choose between mesa ( and the default provided by windows.

the problem is if i set SDL_OPENGL_LIBRARY to “mesa.dll” i can only see a white screen.

But here comes the interesting part. If i rename mesa.dll to opengl32.dll and place it in the same dir as the exe it works just fine.

How can i solve this?

I get a different error. I can’t get past SetPixelFormat.

It looks like gdi32.dll loads opengl32.dll when buffers are swapped. I guess it uses some functions of that DLL and that messes everything up.

Can you go the other way around? Set the absolute path to the Windows DLL if you want full acceleration.

Thank you that worked.

Although i dont know what was the problem in the first place.