SDL project for review

Hello, we just started a project on sourceforge
trying to build a multiplayer turn-based | real-time
(in the FreeCiv sense) game resembling old arena256 in
the game concepts on top of a distributed chat and
game spawning system.

I have built the client using SDL and find it a very
nice and (at least initially) easy API to approach.

Now, since I do not have very much experience in
graphics programming I would welcome critics and
suggestions! The code is cleanly separated, so it
should be not terrible to look into. In particular I
wanted to have semi-transparent overlapping frames
(alpha), but I’m not sure how to implement them at
best (how to update them and refresh the screen in an
optimal way) - where could I find some generic info on
using alpha surfaces at their best?

  • code is only for Unix as yet.

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